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GONG CAVE : The Amazing Karts Cave in South East Asia

Pacitan as the karts topography land has a lot of beautiful scenery. They are beaches, caves, prehistorically sites, and wonderful natural views. It makes Pacitan to be the main tourism destination in the southern of East Java Province.

One of caves in Pacitan is Gong Cave. This cave is not only the most beautiful cave in Pacitan. The International Tourism Travel Catalogue state, this cave is the most amazing karts cave in South East Asia.

Gong cave is located in Bomo village, Punung sub district. We can reach and visit it easily because the government facilitates a good accommodation such as public transportation, a hot mix road, a large parking area, souvenir shops, restaurant, mosque, etc. If we go there by car or motorcycle, we need about one hour to the west of the down town.

Gong cave as the geological expert statement are formed about thousand years ago. Gong cave have 256 meters deep. It stalactites and stalagmites are made from specific minerals which contaminated water, continuously. If there is alight shinning the stalactite and stalagmite, we can see a beautiful light view around cave. People give name for the beautiful stalactites and stalagmite like, Selo Cengger Bumi, Selo Gerbang Giri, Selo Pakuan Agung, Selo Bantaran Angin, atc. Selo means stone.

Beside stalactites and stalagmites there are 5 wonderful ponds, they are Jampi Rogo, Panguripan, Relung JIwo, Kamulyan, and Relung Nisto. According to the native people around Gong Cave, every pond here has magical water to remedy some illness.

Well, we’re waiting for your visiting… :)


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